Visiting the Racehorse Sanctuary

Fantastic to visit the Racehorse Sanctuary in Brewham, near Bruton and to meet so many fabulous horses, including BK (The Betchworth Kid), here. Like all the others, he can relax in perfect surroundings now, either until he finds a new home or until he grows old gracefully.

Frome FM's Constituency Matters

As always - lovely to talk to Sara Vian and record the latest programme for Frome FM's Constituency Matters. Didn't take a photo, but here's me at Frome FM in the distant past...

Addressing Frome and Radstock Area NFU

6th February 2017 – David Warburton, MP for Frome, today held a Q & A session for members of the National Farmers Union (NFU) in the Frome and Radstock district, addressing a wide range issues affecting the local farming industry including how farmers will be impacted by Britain’s exit from t

Meeting farmers and the NFU

Thank you to the Mendip farmers (and the NFU) who met with me to discuss issues facing agriculture and food. Always terrific to talk to farmers - and I've got quite a list for the government to respond to.

British Council Inquiry

In Parliament's glorious surroundings I chaired the latest evidence session of the British Council Inquiry into radicalisation and extremism.

Supporting people with CLL

Delighted to show my support and find more about the challenges dealt with by people living with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) in Parliament.

Dualling the A303

At Prime Minister's Questions last week, I was pleased to get - in answer to my question - a rock-solid firm commitment from the PM that the A303 through Somerset will be dualled.