Q&A in Long Sutton

Sincere thanks to the hundred or so souls from Martock, Langport and Somerton who came to Long Sutton Golf Course to question me for two hours. I admire their stamina and resilience. Two hours of my answering questions isn't exactly a walk in the park.

Meeting Sooty the puppet

And, on a lighter note, here's Richard Cadell, Sooty's handler, and the famous magic puppet himself. Yes, I've seen things that no one should ever see: the lower half of Sooty.

Chairing British Council Inquiry

Thank you to Government minister Tobias Ellwood MP - now, and well-deservedly, the Rt Hon - for appearing before the British Council Inquiry into building resilience to radicalisation and extremism which I'm honoured to be chairing.

Options 1 & 2 for A303 route

Thank you to the dozens of people who joined me at the Davis Hall in West Camel to talk about Options 1 & 2 for the route of the A303 through the area. Some very strong opinions and very clear issues were raised. I've quite a shopping list now for HIghways England.

Q & A in Curry Rivel

Incredibly artistic view of the Q&A talk I did last weekend in Curry Rivel. Thank you to all those who organised it and those who popped along to hear me spout on a pretty wide range of issues.

Talking to charities tackling global poverty

Lovely to meet charities tackling global poverty, including Chase Africa, Climate Stewards and ADD International, in Frome. Very grateful for their time and I hope to be able to set up a day's discussion in Frome about International Aid. Am on it...

Frome Branch AGM

Holding forth at the Archangel to the Frome Branch of the Somerton & Frome Conservative Association AGM. Nice arty through a pint glass, darkly, shot.