Raqqa, Syria

Last Friday, the curtain concealing the Syrian city of Raqqa was finally flung aside.  The devastated city was formally liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of militia factions, from the grip of Daesh, or Islamic State as the BBC still insists on calling them.

Universal Credit

Believe it or not, the vast majority of those amongst us in the Palace of Westminster are in politics because – yes - they genuinely want to make some kind of positive impact on the condition of lives.

Motor Neurone Disease

In 1963, the then Oxford student and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was given two years to live. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, that most callous and arbitrary of illnesses, which would gradually detach him from his body and organs, paralysing as it went.

Universal Credit


Henry James Thoreau said that our lives are frittered away by details and we should “simplify, simplify, simplify.” Putting aside the thought that he could have simplified the point by using just one “simplify”, it’s generally a good rule of thumb.


Launching the Pick Your Own season at West Bradley Orchards

Once again it really was fabulous to visit West Bradley Orchards and to be able to launch this year's very busy Pick Your Own season. It’s always such a great occasion and I’d highly recommend it for a taste of the great outdoors, a lot of fun and a bit of a taste of the best fruit around too!

Keep Pubs Afloat

Supporting the CAMRA campaign to Keep Pubs Afloat. 

Supporting Somerset Skills and Learning

Somerset MPs Join Forces to Save Somerset Skills and Learning


Leading Somerset apprenticeship and traineeship facility faces £3.5m funding shortfall


Supporting Frome Nursing Home

Frome MP Supports Local Care Home


Frome Nursing Home, a specialist dementia nursing and residential care provider in the Somerset town of Frome, have been commended by local MP David Warburton for creating their own solution to the care funding crisis.