Frome Dementia Action Alliance

Meeting members of the Frome Dementia Action Alliance to support their plans for the recently relaunched branch in Frome.  With from right to left - Sarah Goff, chair of the Frome branch, Masen Naidoo and Arnold Wills, chair of the Wells DAA.



Supporting the Arts

If I were to ask you “life - what’s it all for?” you’d agree that would be a fairly big question. But though it might have been tackled for millennia by innumerable thinkers rather more qualified than me, I’m going to take a stab.


When Tory Health Minister Henry Willink first proposed the National Health Service in 1944 with the publication of his White Paper "A National Health Service", his idea immediately gathered cross-party support.

Windrush Generation

Alongside tens of thousands of others, my parents came to Britain in the early 1950s. They came with little, my father’s family settling in a Nissen hut on a former prisoner of war camp near Portsmouth.

Meeting Somerset farmers

Meeting Somerset farmers and representatives from the NFU to discuss Brexit and the challenges facing the farming community.

David introduces New 'Rivers Authorities Bill' to Parliament

 David Warburton MP Introduces New

‘Rivers Authorities Bill’ to Parliament


The New “Rivers Authorities and Land Drainage Bill” will put Somerset Rivers Authority on a secure footing and give Somerset extra flood protection and resilience


Somerset Rivers Authority

Who amongst us can forget the winter floods of four and five years ago? In early 2014, the Environment Agency said 100 million cubic metres of water was covering 65 square kilometres of Somerset soil.

Frome College Q & A

Meeting students at Frome College for a Q & A session.