Storm Board's Solution to Waste Plastic

MP for Frome, David Warburton visited the Storm Board factory on the Vallis Trading Estate at the beginning of the month, to learn about the company’s solution to waste plastic.

The MP  had a tour of the factory with the creator of the unique product that is Storm Board, Nick Stillwell. Nick explained that Storm Board is an eco replacement for plywood or other wood-based sheets using 100% waste plastic, therefore offering a solution to the plastics issue that is blighting the world.

Storm Board is a board 2440mm x 1220mm and 19mm thick, it is fully weatherproof, lighter than its counterparts and is able to be reused, making it far more economical.  The boards are made from plastic waste which cannot be recycled and would otherwise end up in landfill as do the more traditional materials such as plywood etc once their purpose is spent.

Storm Board can be recycled into a new board, again and again and again. Local building companies HART and Emery are using the board on their sites, Frome Town Council has noticeboards made from the material and many farmers in the area are using it.

To find out more about Storm Board visit their website at www.storm or pop into the factory during office hours.