New Outdoor Play Area for Christ Church CofE First School

MP for Frome, David Warburton, officially opened a new outdoor play area at Christ Church CofE First School on Thursday 4th October.

The MP cut a ceremonial blue ribbon and declared the school’s brand new outdoor adventure play area officially open.

Rupert Kaye, headteacher of Christ Church said, “Earlier in the year, Christ Church received a Tesco Bags for Life Groundswork Grant of £4,000. This money allowed us to ask school councillors to choose the new climbing equipment they wanted to replace the old, tired much-loved monkey bars that had finally reached the end of their life.”

One of the school councillors, upon seeing the new equipment being installed said, “Wow! I’ve never felt prouder! School Council did this!”

During David Warburton’s time at Christ Church, he toured the school, met staff and pupils, and answered questions from school councillors during a lively Q&A session. The children, aged 6 to 9, asked questions such as “When did you start being an MP?”, “What is the best thing about your job?”, “Do you believe in Santa?”, “Do you think schools should have more money?” and “When you were at school were you a school councillor?”

The MP said, “The children’s questions were some of the most original I’ve ever been asked by my constituents! I was able to tell the children that the best thing about my job as an MP is being able to work with others to solve problems and help the people who attend my constituency surgeries. Being an MP is a huge honour.”

Rupert Kaye, headteacher of Christ Church said, “Our democratically-elected school councillors take their responsibilities incredibly seriously. Our goal at Christ Church is for children of all ages to feel empowered as problem-solvers and decision-makers. It is wonderful for all of our pupils to see that the choices made by the School Council have improved the school environment for the benefit of all.”

David Warburton said, “I am delighted to think that one or more of Christ Church’s school councillors may, one day, take their place alongside me and my colleagues at the Palace of Westminster. In the meantime, I hope that Christ Church’s school councillors will have an opportunity to visit Westminster and meet me in Parliament.”

Photo: David Warburton MP with (left to right) school councillors Rosanna, Jamie, Jayden and Julia.