Low Carbon Economy

David Warburton MP Questions Secretary of State about Progress Towards Achieving

a Low Carbon Economy


12th December 2017 - - During Question Time in the House of Commons to the Minister of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Richard Harrington MP, David Warburton MP for Frome asked the Minister what steps have been taken to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

David followed his question with an invitation to the Minister and Secretary of State to visit Frome to see first-hand the town’s plans to become carbon neutral by 2046.

David said, “The good people of Frome, in my constituency, really are leading the way in moving to a low carbon economy. We’ve ambitious plans to be carbon-neutral by 2046 with all the energy needed to live, work and travel being provided by renewable sources.

He continued, “So can I invite the Minister, or even the Secretary of State, to Frome in sunny Somerset to hear this story first-hand and see how these ambitions are being realised?”

The Minister responded that nothing would please him more than coming to Frome to see the work that has been done locally, and affirmed that the government’s Clean Growth Strategy has committed to invest over £2.5 billion in low carbon innovation between 2015 and 2021.


Following the exchange, the Speaker, John Bercow MP, quipped, “I’m sure Frome will roll out some sort of red carpet for the honourable gentleman!”


Following this afternoon’s session in the Chamber, David explained, “Frome has long been an enthusiastic force behind achieving a cleaner, greener economy. The independent Town Council together with many local groups and organisations are making huge strides in this direction and the government’s £2.5 billion investment will no doubt help us see significant further advances in low carbon innovation in Somerset.”

David continued, “I look forward to welcoming the Minister to Frome, to witness first-hand the enormous progress which Frome has made to transition to renewable energy sources and experience the powerful support here for a more sustainable future.”