Good News for Somerset Schools’ Funding



David Warburton MP Welcomes Good News for Somerset Schools’ Funding


Government figures confirm Somerset will gain the second highest percentage rise in the country


9th January 2017 – David Warburton, MP for Somerton and Frome, has welcomed the announcement of the second stage of the government’s consultation on proposed national funding formula which shows Somerset will receive the second-highest percentage increase in funding in the country.


Based on a calculation of the percentage change in funding in the first year of the NFF (National Funding Formula) in 2018/19, Somerset is due to gain 2.4% - the second highest percentage rise in the entire country.  The country’s highest level of funding awarded is Derby at 2.7%.  Other south west gains include Plymouth at 2.3% and BANES at 2.2%


David Warburton MP said, “This is truly excellent news for Somerset – to receive the second highest level of funding increase in the country for our schools will be life-changing for schoolchildren across the county.


“It’s been a long campaign, and we’ve recently seen some appalling scare-stories suggesting that the Government was going to cut funding to Somerset schools, using figures which were literally just invented.  So I’m delighted that, now we have the real figures, we can see that schools across the south west will get a great new deal and a better chance to grow and prosper.”


He continued, “Some schools in my constituency will receive as much as a 12 per cent increase, so after all the campaigning on this from rural MPs and others, this is without doubt a huge victory for Somerset and is great news on which to begin 2017.”


The Top 20 Local Authority winners:

  1. Derby 2.7%
  2. Somerset 2.4%
  3. York 2.4%
  4. Torbay 2.4%
  5. Barnsley 2.4%
  6. Plymouth 2.3%
  7. Lincolnshire 2.3%
  8. Bracknell Forest 2.2%
  9. Bath and North East Somerset 2.2%
  10. Milton Keynes 2.2%
  11. Telford and Wrekin 2.2%
  12. Buckinghamshire 2.2%
  13. Redbridge 2.1%
  14. Bedford 2.1%
  15. Blackpool 2.1%
  16. Croydon 2.1%
  17. East Riding of Yorkshire 2.0%
  18. Merton 2.0%
  19. Knowsley 2.0%
  20. Bury 1.9%