Silicon Gorge


David Warburton MP Brings Down the House at Prime Minister’s Questions


In PMQs MP dubs Somerset’s fast-growing digital economy “Silicon Gorge”


Prison Reform


David Warburton MP Calls for Comprehensive Prison Reform During Parliamentary Debate


Former convict Ben Gunn supports MP’s view

that work and education are key


Funds for Flood Defences


David Warburton MP Urges Government

to Find Sufficient Funds for Flood Defences


Planned local flood defences suffering £1.2m shortfall


Harsh words fired at me over Syria vote

I'M SURE you'll have seen those disconcerting notices pinned to the kiosk in all-night garages, or adorning the walls of post offices (though not of course in Somerset) which say something like: "Our staff have the right to work without fear of violence or abuse" or "Employees have the right to be treated with consideration, dignity and respect"...

More compromises before capitulation

If you haven't read it, I would highly recommend reading the superb Better Angels of Our Nature by the Canadian cognitive scientist Steven Pinker...