Family Reunion for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children

Since Parliament returned after the General Election I have been contacted by many constituents who have raised questions surrounding the Withdrawal Agreement Bill’s amendment to section 17 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, which concerns the family reunification of unaccompanied asylu

Brexit and General Election Update

As you’ll be aware, the 19 October Saturday sitting of Parliament was the first Saturday sitting since 1982.

Political Storms and Climate Change

In the last four years in which I’ve had the privilege of serving as your MP, I’ve been working to protect the natural environment which makes our area so unique. Of course, we all remember the terrible flooding in 2014 that devastated Muchelney and other areas around Langport.

Leadership Viewpoint

Over the last few weeks, an enormous number of people have been in touch to offer views on the leadership election the Conservative Party - and by extension, the country - is facing. As ever, I'm terribly grateful for the time so many have taken to share their assessments of the situation.

Brexit Considerations

Over the last couple of months, as ever, I’ve received many thousands of emails on this subject representing every possible shade of opinion and drawing every conceivable extrapolation from election results, valedictory statements, whispers emerging from EU corridors and now, the pronouncements o

Safeguarding our natural environment

I don’t have to tell you that Westminster has been rather distracted from the nuts and bolts of reality in recent months and years.

Planning issues

In the three years since the tremendously far-sighted people of Somerton and Frome prodded me into the spotlight by taking me as their MP, I’ve received tens of thousands of emails and hundreds of letters. I’ve met with hundreds of the country’s finest constituents at countless MP surgeries.